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D.O. Rueda was the first D.O. to be designated within the autonomy of Castilla y León, and is now one of the most important in Spain. It is located in the central part of the river Duero valley, on a high, northern plain of gentle undulating terrain, cooled by Atlantic winds. It is high altitude vineyard, with a gradient running slightly south to north.

With modern technology, and careful winemaking, Rueda has succeeded in creating a modern style of wine which, using the indigenous Verdejo varietal, continues to open up new markets.

The D.O. Rueda is in the South West of Castilla and León, comprising the southern part of the Province of Valladolid, and the northern parts of Ávila and Segovia.

The climate is continental with very cold winters and very hot summers. The soils are poor, sandy and stony giving rise to high quality, low yields.
Wine, a taste for moderation